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The Sealants

SEALMAKER sealants are designed to react based on simple fluid dynamics. We use the predictable components of fluid flow and acceleration as a natural catalyst to create a transitional reaction as the chemicals pass through a leak path.

How does it work

Fibers in the Sealmaker changes from a lamina flow to a turbulent flow, and a shearing process starts at the end one has a seal where the fibers have built upon themselves to an inert mass, holding 15.000 Psi (more than 1.000 bar) of pressure.


Our sealant is completely environmentally friendly. Which makes it 100% safe to use and protect all sea life after being applied and during the application to the leaking area.

Land & Sea

Sealmaker repairs leaks both on land and subsea. Our sealant can withstand pressure over 15 000 psi and temperatures beyond 260 degrees Celsius.

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